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Mangosteen Juice


1. Frozen Puree
2.  Concentrate
3.         Powder
4.              Juice

** Mangosteen
** Fruit Season
**Fruit Benefits
Dragon Fruit


1. Mangouste Merai Rangsit (Mangosteen)

2. Uncle Choo

Sparkling Wine

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  OEM Product Catagories    !    OEM Fruit List     !    Packing Details     !   Mangosteen Products
mangosteenIf your customer care....                                                                                     
      ....about consistent quality and taste in their favourite product            
     ....about the product safty guarantees of the product they choose      
     ....about the strictest quality controls,from the buying of raw materials
          right through the production process to the final packaging

             ....then Thiptipa should be your partner in juice and fruit- related products.

 Becuase we care about your customers' needs for quality, taste and well-being.
 We fully match our products to their expectations and to yours.

Truck reeferIn the past 3 years, thiptipa has produced many products to customers world wide.
We rapidly collect customers' trust and satisfaction from all around the world. 
A lot of our samples have been sending out each day, with a great responds in return.
Now we are very successful and are accecped from the customers 
to be the only manufacturer for them. 
With our reputation we collect, especially as mangosteen product manufacturer, 
with the quality, and price competitive you will get,
now please do not hesitate to contact us and tell us your need.

Here are the picture of our previous products we produced for various countries such as America, Korea, Japan, etc
refrigerated roomtruckloading
foam boxplastic drumcontainer

stockingmangosteen in drumdrum metal
excite winejuices juiceszreality
noninoni in boxnoni
mangosteen juice shrinkmangosteen juicemangosteen juice
mangosteen juiceipackingshrink product

   OEM Product Catagories
shrink machine

            Thiptipa are the manufacturer and has our own equipment. 
We are willing to produce and develop the products according to clients' needs.
                  Clients are able to use their own brands.

mangosteen puree in drum
     Thiptipa can produce the following product categories:

                 1. Frozen fruit puree 
                   ( shipping carrier : reefer containner under -18 degree celcius)
                 2. Fruit concentrate
                 3. Fruit juice
                 4. Fruit and herb spray dry ( %100 water soluble) 

" We care about your customers' needs for quality, taste and well-being "
GMP standard

- Production usually takes place in each fruit's season. 
- Stocking raw materail to be able to supply all year round is possible, 
   please contact us for the details. 
- Lead time of producing 1*20ft container usually is between 30-45 days.

          Banana Juice                          Durian Puree

   Dragon fruit Pink                Dragon fruit White Color            Dragonfruit Puree
You can find the tropical fruit list below,

OEM Tropical Fruit Product list

 Sterilized Juice
Frozen Puree

Bignay Juice 
Black Galingle Juice 
Banana Juice 
Durian Juice
Dragon Fruit Juice 
Grape Juice 
Guava Juice 
Goji Juice 
Jujube Juice 
Jackfruit Juice
Lychee Juice 
Lime Juice 
Longan Juice 
Mango Juice 
Mangosteen Juice
Maoberry Juice 
Noni Juice 
Papaya Juice 
Passionfruit Juice 
Pomegranate Juice 
Roselle Juice 
Rambutan Juice 
Santol Juice 
Salak Juice ( Snake Fruit ) 
Sala Juice
Starfruit Juice 

Frozen Mangosteen Puree (whole fruit)
Frozen Mangosteen Puree (Pulp Only)
Frozen Mangosteen Puree (Pulp with Rind)
Frozen Dragon Fruit puree
Frozen Durian puree         
Concentrate /Syrup

Mangosteen Concentrate 30 Brix
Mangosteen Concentrate 60 Brix
Mangosteen Flavour 
Mangosteen Face Cream
Thai Fruit Wine 

Mangosteen Wine 
Maoberry Wine 
Black Krashy Wine 
Grape Wine
Lemon Wine 
Lychee Wine 
Sparkling Wine


Our main packing are listed below. 
Anyway another packing is possible, please contact for more information.

Loading per 20ft container
5 liter laminate bag
 - 5 liter in laminate bag 
- 280 boxs ( 10 bags/box)
- Total 14,000 liter/ 20ft container
-  42 liter in metal drum
   with drum liner inside
- 336 drums
- Total 14,112 liter/20ft container
- 190 liter in metal drum
   with drum liner inside
- 72 drums
- Total 13,680 liter/20 ft container
For further information please contact Thiptipa Co.,Ltd.
Tel. (662) 02-546-2401-2
Email to : thiptipa@thaijuices.com
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