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Mangosteen Juice


1. Frozen Puree
2.  Concentrate
3.         Powder
4.              Juice

** Mangosteen
** Fruit Season
**Fruit Benefits
Dragon Fruit


1. Mangouste Merai Rangsit (Mangosteen)

2. Uncle Choo

Sparkling Wine

Vinery Home

  • Strawberry
  • Maoberry
  • Lemon-Honey


Vinery Home

  • Guava
  • Passion Fruit & Orange
  • Lychee
Wine Making


Our Production

Winemaking is both craft and science for our team, as Thiptipa Winery continues to bring forth the authenticity of old world winemaking techniques, while maintaining an open mind toward the progression of the technology. Wine fermentation is done under low temperature control in high-grade stainless steel.


We carefully select our raw material to ensure premium quality, as well we continue doing research and development.

Bottling is done by automated bottling machine. This process includes cleaning bottle, bottling, and packaging.

    Our wines ferment in stainless steel tanks and we     age it in oak barrels until reach their peak in one to five years for the resulting     of our wines are rich, complex , and consistent.

   Bottling is done by automated bottling machine    that is     allowed cleaning bottle, bottling, and    packaging process.Our production capacity is    100,000 bottles per month.


Thiptipa Winery is guranteed that has
ability to produce quality standard product
by Thai Ministry Of Industrial.
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