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Mangosteen Juice


1. Frozen Puree
2.  Concentrate
3.         Powder
4.              Juice

** Mangosteen
** Fruit Season
**Fruit Benefits
Dragon Fruit


1. Mangouste Merai Rangsit (Mangosteen)

2. Uncle Choo

Sparkling Wine

Vinery Home

  • Strawberry
  • Maoberry
  • Lemon-Honey


Vinery Home

  • Guava
  • Passion Fruit & Orange
  • Lychee
A Brief History


 Thiptipa Co.,Ltd.
 13/5 Rangsit - Nakhonnayok Rd.  Bungnamrak Thanyaburi  Pathumthani 12110
 Tel : (662) 546-2401-4
 Fax :(662) 546-2402



Thiptipa Co., Ltd. has been established on February 10, 2000 to produce the consumption products -- Wine , Fruit juice, jelly, etc.

By the inspiration and wine making skill of Mrs.Siraporn Malapol, Managing Directer. Thiptipa produces only the highest quality wine with strong relationship between quality, value and price fit well.

We produce our thai fruit wines with confidence, based on wine making    techniques with modern procedures and hightech equipment.

   We take the business of producing wines very seriously. We would like    to offer the customer an approachable attitude toward wine    consumption.

Thiptipa operates under GMP and HACCP quality assurance systems.
Thiptipa has cooperated with "The Transforming A Product Of Agriculture Project" by using mainly domestic raw material.

Thiptipa is guaranteed by The Ministry Of Public Health to be the place
of nice, clean, environmentally friendlly, lively and even high potential productivity and nature conservative.

Thiptipa Winery is guranteed that has
ability to produce quality standard product
by Thai Ministry Of Industrial.
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